Conversely, the density of baryons cannot be too low, below 2 or 3 percent of the critical density, or else one would overproduce deuterium, compared to what is observed in the solar system. If the universe is at critical density, 90 percent of the matter in the universe must be nonbaryonic.
Step 3-Calculate the theoretical probability of the results under H 0 (p). Once the corresponding theoretical distribution is established, the probability (p-value) of any datum under the null hypothesis is also established, which is what statistics calculate (Fisher, 1955, 1960; Bakan, 1966; Johnstone, 1987; Cortina and Dunlap, 1997; Hagen, 1997).
12. The probability that a city bus is ready for service when needed is 84%. The probability that a city bus is ready for service and has a working radio is 67%. Find the probability that a bus chosen at random has a working radio given that it is ready for service. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent. A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics
Calculate and plot probability distributions, cumulative PDF, survivor, hazard, tail areas (Java) Calculate tail areas and left-integrals (Java) Tables for 16 continuous and discreet distribution functions; These pages each compute probabilities for the four most common probability distributions:
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