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Raw Pramiracetam powder (68497-62-1) Description. Raw Pramiracetam powder (also known as Pramistar) is a cognitive enhancer (nootropic) that is synthesized from piracetam, the original racetam, by substituting the amide group in piracetam with a dipropan-2-ylamino ethyl group. You can purchase bulk Piracetam powder in 500 g increments for $39.99 at present. If you assume an average dosage of 2 g, that means you are paying $0.16 per dose. If you take a larger amount of 4 g per dosing, that puts your cost as $0.32 which still makes this one of the cheapest cognitive enhancers available for Brits.
Before buy nootropics powder, it is better do more search, from nootropics powder source to delivery. Reference: Lanni C., Lenzken S. C., Pascale A., et al. Cognition enhancers between treating and doping the mind.
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