Dysfunctional Family Characteristic #1 - Addiction. One of the most prominent characteristics of a dysfunctional family is addiction on the part of one or more of its members. This addiction need not be to drugs or alcohol, but it typically manifests itself by making it difficult for family members to...
There’s dysfunctional and then there’s toxic. Of course, you can’t control the actions of others, so if your boss or co-worker in the above scenarios respond to you in a negative way after you tried a reasonable approach, you’ll at least have confirmed that dysfunction is alive and well.
Characteristics of health and well-being outcomes 8 Child health and social/family functioning: Ecological links 10 Distinguishing indicators of social and family functioning from 11 health and well-being outcomes 4. Resource domains which influence social and family functioning 14 Income 16 Time 21 Human capital 24 Psychological capital 27
Jun 29, 2011 · Im 59 now and have recently learned that I was raised in a narcissist dysfunctional family. 4 failed marriages, addictions, and very low self esteem, low confidence, inadequate, the lesser of everybody else, self destructive, a failure. I can very honestly say that be I wish I had never been born. I am the youngest of 6….truly the Lost Child.
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